Scalismo is a library for statistical shape modeling and model-based image analysis in Scala, developed by the Graphics and Vision Research Group at the University of Basel. It is based on the the concept of Probabilistic Morphable Models.

The vision of the project is to provide an environment for modelling and image analysis which

  • makes it easy and fun to try out ideas and build research prototypes
  • is powerful enough to build full-scale industrial applications
  • makes it feasible to deploy it in complex, distributed imaging pipelines.

We aim to achieve these properties by leveraging two core technologies:

  • A simple but versatile mathematical approach to shape modeling and registration, based on the theory of Gaussian processes.
  • The Scala and Java ecosystem for reducing the software complexity.

Documentation and getting started

To best way to get started with Scalismo is by checking out the Scalismo tutorials.

The tutorials are complemented by an introductory lectures on the theoretical concepts, which you can find as part of our online course.

Further resources, including details on the mathematical methods and concepts behind scalismo, as well as tutorials on doing face image analysis using Scalismo-faces are collected on the following website:

All code is available to you under the Apache license, version 2, available at