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Version: 0.91.0

Scalismo tutorials

The following tutorials explain all the basic concepts behind Scalismo, which are needed for developing complete shape modelling applications. The intention behind these tutorials is not only to show how to use the software, but also to help understanding the theoretical concepts underlying the software. Originally, these tutorials were designed as part of the Open Online Course Statistical Shape Modelling - Computing the Human Anatomy. Each tutorial contains links to videos and articles from the online course, which will provide some theoretical background.


There are different developement environment that you can use to program with Scala. For beginners we recommend to use scala-cli together with Visual Studio Code. If you are an experienced developer, who is already familiar with build systems and integrated development environments, you may want to use Scalismo from within IntelliJ IDEA instead.

The following guides will help you to get started with setting up your first project:


You will also need to download the datasets used in the tutorials and unzip them into your project folder.